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Today me and my girls were invited to the Cadbury event at the Shard.

We arrived there in the afternoon, we left the buggies downstairs, got through security checks and were flown up in a super fast lifts. The children enjoyed the videos that were shown on the roof of the lift. We went straight to the top of the Shard – the 72nd floor. As soon as we stepped out we saw the giant spider web. It was made of purple Cadbury rope. The fresh cool breeze blowing from the open top of the Shard gave it even more mysterious ambiance.


We were quite taken by it. The children were curious were the treats were, but still enjoying the breath taking views of London. It was a little misty today and under the sunset the colours were beautiful. Children were busy running around the whole of the top floor from one side to the other enjoying the roof tops of most of the buildings and spotting the landmarks of London.


My elder daughter was so happy to be “On top of the world” . I was really glad to see her that happy. While we were savouring the beautiful views of London, the Cadbury people brought the two chocolate towers. And the faces of the children lit, as they knew they finally found the treats. As some people left by this time saying, they were tricked.



There was a suspence for a little while. As the men said they have to wait. But five minutes lasted five seconds, may be another one of their tricks. And everybody had heaps of chocolates. Fellow parents asked their children if they liked the Shard more or the chocolates. Guess what their reply was. But a sweet treat on top of the Europe’s tallest building for Halloween is something to remember for long years ahead.


As the sun started to kiss the horizon I admiringly looked at the couples who were announcing their engagements on top of the Shard with flutes of champaign in their hands, I thought it is time to get back home. We were all happy, elated being up in the air sweetened by Cadbury’s generosity. There is still time to experience this. Besides as it is half term kids go free.


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Octo alert!

Attention cadets!
Yes, your little ones who adore these cute creatures – underwater scientists from Cbeebies.
Finally our family’s favourite show came to live and we were really looking forward to the show.
The counting down has begun as soon as we heard about it!
We went to see the show at Orchard theatre in Dartford .
We really felt privileged as this was the first theatre to have “Octonauts live” on stage.
On the arrival we have seen a lot of other children and parents who were eager for the show to start and everybody was waiting.
There was some merchandise in sale in case you left your house in hurry and didn’t take your children’s favourite character. Our favourite is Dashi, who is yours?

Dashi and Professor Inkling

Dashi and Professor Inkling

The show was fun from start to the end.As the characters started emerging one by one everybody’s heart melt. Especially Tunip made us laugh. The children and their parents enjoyed being part of the show. I was wondering how they will make the cartoon characters look alike in real life, but this was done to perfection and children seem to be smitten to see them. Peso was helping all the ill creatures, Kwazii was getting into trouble as always.


It was nice to see the children saying “Buncha muncha cruncy carrots” when they saw Tweak and she was good at fixing the Octopod. She even brought out the Gup X!

We also liked to see our the octonauts in their deep sea suits. It was set like a beautiful dream when they swum through the zones and met the creatures that live there.


The cheerful song the Octonauts sang was in heads of every child when they were leaving the theatre. The children were really worried for the Blob fish and when captain Barnacles was left near the erupting volcano the whole audience gasped… But it all ended well in the end, phew!

photo 2 - Copy

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and would recommend to watch it. Find out about the dates and where it is and take your little cadets to the show, they will not forget this gift of experience for long time 🙂


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