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Our fellow editor of Mumsnet Merton¬†arranged us a review of their local business’s product Carddies. We have received the package quickly and in time for a rainy weekend. And that exact weekend we had guests with eight children in the house, I was worried how to keep them all entertained. As their age range was from 6 months to 8 years. The hit of the day was this little box! It kept all the children entertained and us parents we could properly catch up.

We have received our school set. As the set arrived at the time children were at home, they were happy to open the package and started colouring in straight away. The set has 12 two sided people, a back drop, 12 art standard pencils and 12 stands. So these were enough to keep eight children busy. We thought they would be back in half an hour with dared “I am bored” claims, but no, we did not hear from them all day long!


Once they have coloured them in. They started playing school. This provides a great opportunity to an imaginative role play and the children were happy to play all of them – boys and girls! They revisited the subjects they studied at school and it was fun to hear eight year old trying to explain constellations to a three year old ūüôā


I truly love this product. My five year old has been playing with them again and again. After each play she stores them all carefully in the box, making sure she hasn’t lost anything. It is rare to see her storing her toys this way. It shows her willingness to play with them again and again. And at RRP ¬£8.99 I think we can get her more when her reward chart is shining with stars.

A little bit more info on Carddies products.

The company has been set up by sisters. This is truly British Ecofriendly product and they try hard to keep the production in UK. Carddies, the Card People to Colour and Go, were launched in January 2012. With a collection of 12 sets including Carddies London, Sports, School, Fairies, Cavemen, Football, Ballet, Knights, Family One and Two, Farm and Nativity, Carddies suits both girls and boys aged 3 to 10.  Perfect for families on the go, this portable toy includes 12 colouring pencils, 12 figures with stands and a backdrop, all included in a sliding box. The toy is self-contained, highly portable and made from premium card: perfect for keeping children amused on any journey or outing. The product has gained numerous awards.

I believe this will make a perfect Christmas stocking gift, a school friend’s birthday present or just a creative activity to take along on a long journey. They are running a special Christmas Offer now (promotional code XMASOFFR) on orders placed before 31 December 2014 (while stocks last):

  • Save 10% when you purchase 1 Carddies set;
  • Save 15% when you purchase 2 or 3 Carddies sets;
  • Save 20% when you purchase 4 or more Carddies sets.

To receive this discount enter code XMASOFFR¬† in the ‚ÄúGift Card and Promotional Codes‚ÄĚ box at the checkout when placing your next order from the Carddies¬†own store at¬†Amazon. (Postage is payable to Amazon under their usual terms and conditions (a minimum total spend of ¬£10 is required for Free Super Saver delivery).


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Yes, you read it right! Now your children can personalise their own wellies!

Bournemouth based company el RHEY offered us to review their lovely product, we agreed to do it with pleasure! Come on colour in wellies! What a great idea! The package arrived the next day. This shows how quick and efficient they are. I impatiently waited my five year old to come from school, so that we can open it together. Hearing her squealing whilst opening and seeing her this excited made me happy. It was beautifully packaged and a Zebra gift pack or Moth Gift Pack would make any child happy. It comes in a gift bag and a box slides out smoothly. My daughter liked this packaging and she is keeping it for her role play.

elrhey.jpg01 elrhey.jpg02 elrhey.jpg04

She read the book it comes with and started colouring her wellies right away. It is amazing to see where the child’s imagination takes them. She also wrote down right and left on them, so that when she is putting them on she would not confuse them. She put her name on them¬†making sure they are as personal as can be. Watching her I was thanking el Rhey¬†for their brilliant product. As a mother I know a child likes to put their signature everywhere, be it on the walls, on their hands and legs and more. This product finally lets them do what they like and to show their chef d’oevre to the world. My daughter put three suns on hers, made sure her giraffe has plenty of grass, the flora, the fauna and she even drew deep sea creatures! Now her wellies have their own story, which she is proud to tell.

elrhey.jpg2 elrhey.jpg3

She says it is still work in progress. I am amazed at how much time and consentration she is putting into this. Being a normal five year old usually she does not have much patience.Staying within the lines while colouring was not for her. She would just scribble over the image and leave it like that. I tried to explain her again and again that it would be better if she stayed between the lines and colour in each part of the picture. But she ignored this until el Rhey wellies. I was pleasantly surprised to see her carefully colouring in each section and thinking the whole scene beforehand and than colouring it in. But these wellies proved if the product is right even most of the energetic child would sit and create his/her work of art. Because this is one of the rare occasions they are allowed to let their imagination create a personalised item they love. So for us this was another benchmark of her skills development.  And I think at £25 this gift pack is an excellent present for those children who have it all. At a saturated market it is not easy to find something meaningful and stands out. These wellies get all five stars for us! And we now recommend this product to friends and families, who complain they do not know what to get a child.

So go get them and make your a child’s present lasting and meaningful!

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