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Just like me – you may have friends who are intolerant to gluten. Every time I invite them I scour the net to find a nice gluten free bake recipe. But so far I myself was not convinced by them.  I thought I would stick to normal flour for all the cakes and bakes I do for my family.

Recently a fellow Editor offered me to try some gluten free ready mixes from “Make it Gluten free“. I was happy to do so, as I was yet to be proven that gluten free baking can taste as good.

I received two mixes:

  1. Chocolate muffin and cake mix
  2. Chocolate brownie mix.


After reading the ingredients of the boxes my heart was singing. I started making the chocolate muffins. Look at ingredients what mum would not like this simple yet healthy list there without a tongue braking things that one can only imagine what is it. The ingredients were only – almonds, organic coconut sugar, arrowroot powder, cocoa, organic coconut flour, baking soda, sea salt. This is what makes me happy and I am confident I can give these to my kids. The only things I needed to add was eggs, oil, and a vanilla. I mixed them and put in the muffin cases. I had beautifully baked moist muffins in half an hour. This is a perfect mix to have in your cupboard when you need to rustle up something quickly. We loved them, my kids had seconds, thirds – that’s how good they were.

The next opportunity I had to be a domestic goddess, I cooked the brownies. I had put out the butter to soften in room temperature. Added some eggs and folded it with the brownie mix, including chocolate chips and hazelnuts.  Again in half an hour I had beautifully cooked moist brownies. As this is a generous portion I will be wrapping them and freezing so that we have some yummy treats in our freezer. The freezing advice was given by “Make it Gluten Free” and I think it is quite good helping us from overindulging in this delicious bakes. I really like the fact that they are not packed with chemicals, are quite generous so you have enough for family and friends or even freeze them. All the mixes come with a thorough instruction on the back of the boxes with variations you can choose to go for. There are further adjustments you can make to the mixes, adding or replacing some of the suggested ingredients on their website.

Go ahead and try “Make it Gluten free” mixes, you would not regret it! Your family and friends would thank you. Asking for recipes 🙂 You can find them here 2016-01-31

My colleague is running a competition for you to win several mixes of these delicous bakes. You can enter it here. It is a perfect opportunity for you to win them and introduce your family to “Make it Gluten free” mixes. I am hooked!

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