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Like many of fellow mums, I have searched high and low for the common problem of kids kicking off their covers during the night. Night in night out I went to recover my daughter, so that she won’t wake up with a sore throat. I was pleasantly surprised to come along “Tuck n’Snug”. A solution found by a fellow mum. I was kindly given a single bed set to review and I couldn’t wait to receive it. The parcel arrived quickly. It was nicely packaged and the first thing jumps on mind that I would be confident to order it as a gift.

We liked the design of embroidered little puppy. The gender neutral colours would suit both girls and boys. As the outline of the puppy is black and the nails on the paws are blue and pink with a little tennis ball next to it. My daughter really liked it and thought I had it embroidered especially for her, as she was asking for a pet.  The same design features on the top corner of the pillowcase.


Overall the feel of the duvet is really nice and soft. You will be glad to see it is half cotton and half polyester percale. It is not one of those cheep feeling duvet set. The dimension of the single bed set are  duvet cover 135 x 200cm and pillowcase is 50 x 75cm.

There are poppers on the bottom of the duvet, so it is easy to change them. My six year old could do it herself. And she was proud to be able to do it.


There are around 1 metre of the bit that comes out of the sides of the duvet and the pillowcase, so you can tuck it under your child’s bed. My daughter was really happy to know that now I will need to come and literally tuck her into bed every night. Another reason before bedtime cuddles. As we do not get a chance all the time given that I have a younger toddler. My toddler really likes it too, so every morning she goes to her sister’s special bed to feel the special bedding. I can see how I can bribe her to move from our room into her sister’s room soon.


Overall, we really liked the product. It does what it says on the tin. I found her all tucked in the next morning. This gave me a piece of mind and now I do not need to go in every night to check. We would really recommend it and look forward to see more designs and may be personalised service, as this would make an ideal gift.

My daughter was happy having her “Tuck n’Snug” set, so that she wrote her own very first review. Below I only copy and pasted what she has typed in!


The Tuck n`Snug duvet is ideal for kids. They don`t fall down when you wake up and neither does the pillow. It`s easy to go to the toilet in the night but be careful, if  you lay awake for a long time, you`re going to get a little sweaty. Sizes vary. In the duvets you will feel toasty on a freezing, wintery day. I have tried it out and it is as  wonderful as being in paradise. There is a puppy with a tennis ball on both the pillowcase and the blanket. These are embroidered on. A single duvet would fit perfectly on a Junior bed. The blanket may hang down from your bed. The package will show you how to fit the duvet on to your bed. So,have a go at it!

By S. Age 6


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