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We have been kindly offered review tickets to “Hetty Feather” at the Orchard Theatre, Dartford. My six year old daughter could hardly sleep since she heard it. And finally the day came.

We drove to Orchard theatre and parked in front of it. There is plenty of parking space and the theatre has disabled and buggy access. The toilets are clean and there are baby changing facilities. The Theatre offers food and beverage too. There is a designated area where you can leave the buggies before the show and special wheelchair seats.


We went to our seats and waited for the show to begin. Little we knew that we would be entertained by two lovely musicians and their funny songs. That was startling and the audience engaged with them right away. That set a great mood for the show and we all knew we were in for a treat. Once the show started, it was a non stop whirlwind of acrobatics, acting, singing, live music, frisson down the spine, sadness, hysterical laughing and awe! One moment we were crying with sadness, the next we were laughing to the jokes. The unexpected twists kept all our attention and we have not realised how 2 hour 20 minutes were gone! You really go through the array of emotions from one second to another, it is a luxurious emotional delight. All of us adults and kids could not take our eyes or ears of the show fearful of missing another subtle turn, which the show was full of. The ambience was charged with the unexpected and Phoebe Thomas made such energetic Hetty Feather .


From the moment story began you feel a deep sorrow, as her mother is forced to abandon Hetty. Than you get to enjoy a clever and imaginative girl growing up in a foster family until she has to go back to Foundling hospital. Where she dislikes the brutality and the strictness, yet gets to preserve her wittiness and memories. Showing the girls that a strength of character will lead and light their life paths. When Hetty sneaked into the circus the audience gasped as the tricks and props were breath taking. The circus horses were hilarious to say the least. When Hetty decides to run away from the Foundling hospital she faces the brutality of street life. This is another life lesson for children that it is not safe out there and they need to be careful cautiously prudent. But it all ends well with a heart-warming turn of events and finding her own mother.


We really had an unforgettable time with our six year old daughter. She was lost for words and was full of emotions. The show delivered on her expectations avec grandeur! We recommend to go and enjoy this luxuriously emotional and brilliant in all ways West-End show while it is here in the neighbourhood.

The Olivier Award nominated Rose Theatre Kingston production of Jacqueline Wilson’s Hetty Feather is visiting The Orchard Theatre, Dartford from Wednesday 23 – Sunday 27 March.

Go ahead and enjoy the show with your family or without, it will be part of your happy memories to remember in years to come!


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