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We had a delight of sampling Agatha Christie’s timeless classic  “The Mousetrap” at the Orchard Theatre last night. I always wanted to find out for myself what is that keeping this production so popular for the last 64 years! The only way to know was to go and see the production.


There is no surprise that the theatre was full to the bream! Everybody was excited and trying to guess what is it that kept the show for so long or how would the events would turn out. Finally the curtain opened and an unforgettable journey to experiencing Agatha Christie’s wit began. As soon as you see the décor you recognise the oak panelled library and the skips a beat with excitement. From the very beginning of the play all of your senses are peeled to the stage, so to not to miss anything out to figure out the events. Young Mrs. Ralston (Anna Andresen) comes inside, followed by her husband (Nick Barclay) hiding a package in the box, making sure you get suspicious from the start! Later the guests Christopher Wren (Oliver Gully), Mrs Boyle (Louise Jameson), Major Metcalf (Tony Boncza), Miss Casewell (Amy Downham) and the unexpected Mr Paravicini (Gregory Cox) setting a perfect scene to solve the murder that happened in London and echoed to the little idyllic Monkswell Manor guest house. Mrs. Ralston receives a call about the imminent arrival of the police sergeant Trotter (Lewis Collier) and upon his arrival the guests learn that there is going to be two more casualties.


It is amazing how the story turns out, as I personally suspected that nothing will happen with police present. But little I knew that the turn of the events would be so unexpected and difficult to solve. As Agatha Christie puts it nicely herself “It is sort of play you can take anyone to. It’s not really frightening. It’s  not really horrible. It’s not really a farce, but it has a little bit of all these things and perhaps that satisfies a lot of different people”. Watching the play you grow into liking some of the characters, get to laugh a lot to hilarious comments and actions of others. The nursery rhyme “Three blind mouse” will never sound the same any more. And you come up starting to deeply analyse all the people around you. So go ahead and enjoy this classic while it is here at the Orchard Theatre. Savour yourself the witty play of Agatha Christie directed by Ian Watt-Smith. This is the once in a lifetime experience and the only way to know why the show is so popular throughout the decades to sample it yourself!

“The Mousetrap” is running at the Orchard Theatre until the 21st of May 2016.



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Twenty first century is giving us lots of opportunities to brake the clichés. Nowadays girls are doing as much as man do in different fields of science, politics, economy and more. But we still have to go and choose the toys from boys section, as those are more colourful and adventurous, whereas for girls everything is pink, frilly, princessy to say the least.

Tara Binns books are a breath of fresh air in these monotone world. They encourage girls to try different professions, to dare dream of doing everything else not only being a princess trapped in an ivory tower. Tara Binns books are written by Lisa Rajan and Eerika Omiyale. Lovely Lisa sent all three of them for a review. They were very welcome as I myself have two girls and anything that empowers them is a big plus. Author Lisa Rajan puts it quite eloquently: “. I wrote the Tara Binns books because I am trying to raise girls’ aspirations, build confidence and counter some of the gender stereotyping in children’s picture books”. These lines alone made me interested in books. We were really happy to receive them and my six year old daughter took them and read them before me. She said that she absolutely loved them, that they are easy to read and gives her wings of hope to dream her future ahead. Nowadays when she has her friends over for a play-date she makes them read the book, or they read together and act it out. This is such a bliss to watch girls getting inspired to be a scientist, an engineer, a pilot, a doctor or more.


First Tara Binns book is “Tara Binns Eagle Eyed Pilot”. The book itself is very colourful. The character Tara Binns is very friendly looking and girls see themselves in her easily. The whole book is written in rhymes which makes it even easier for them to read and remember. We as parents loved reading it out to our children too. Tara Binns goes to the attic to the old chest and it magically puts her in a costume she would not normally choose. From there she embarks on an interesting adventure journey. This time she is a pilot. She learns how to fly a plane, how to avoid lightening and a spot of geography. On the way she sees an island being destroyed because of the heavy rain and wind. When they finally land the plane she finds a treasure. She decides to give the treasure away to people with destroyed houses. This alone teaches kids to be compassionate, brave and still enjoy life.

The second book is “Tara Binns Double Choc Doc”. Here Tara Binns gets dressed as a doctor and embarks on a journey of being a doctor and trying to find a cure to common cold. After a lot of thinking and analysing she comes to solution. Nobody on North Pole gets cold, as the cold bacteria won’t survive there. So she decides to give ice-creams to everybody who has cold would help the situation. Everybody is happy including Tara Binns, as she came up with the solution. This encourages kids to think outside the box and use the information and knowledge they have to solve everyday problems.

The last books is ” Tara Binns Crash Test Genius”. In this one Tara Binns gets dressed in a blue overall and she is an engineer. She tests the brakes and tyres of family cars and analyses them with help of computers. One day going to work she falls down and grazes her knee badly. Then she thinks that she needs to come up with something that would protect her from falling, as the air bag in a car would protect the driver. She designs the pants, matching top and gloves that would inflate while falling. Everybody loves her idea and they go on a massive production. While testing out her new invention she discovers it can even be used as jet packs. So here she is from just an engineer, she becomes and inventor. This book was my daughter’s favourite. As she now wants to pay attention to every little detail and come up with a solution.

All in all these are must reads for kids be it for boys or girls. As they would educate kids that both genders can have any profession they like in the future and it is not restricted to one gender or another. I would totally recommend Tara Binns books and if you have birthdays looming they make a great gift. The recipient’s family would thank you for a gift with thought.

We are now running a competition to win all three of these fantastic Tara Binns books. Grab your chance enter the competition and win all three of them. Hurry competition ends on 30th of May 2016.

To enter the competition email us Greenwich@mumsnetlocal.com or comment here to the following question:
Who wrote Tara Binns books?

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