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I was really happy when I was asked to try out the private guided tour of London provided by Planet Pass. For this I needed to download the app from AppStore.  The app is really easy to use. It doesn’t crash or close on it’s own. I was able to go through different tours of London. I had a look at the list with my seven year old daughter and we chose Shakespeare tour. We chose the day and the time of the tour and booked it. The payment was taken via card and was straight forward. As soon as I booked, I saw where I will meet my guide and his photo. So it is easy to spot him in busy crowds of London.

The day of the tour arrived and off we went with my seven year old daughter and her eight year old friend. They are both book worms, know a lot and have a curious nature. So they could barely contain their excitement. I left my toddler with my friend, so that I could enjoy the tour more. In the midst of trying to get out of the house quickly I left my other phone where I downloaded the app and had all the details of the tour. I knew that the starting point was St. Paul’s cathedral and that our tour was at 1 p.m. I quickly googled the phone number for PlanetPass and told them all about it. They were really helpful in finding my guide and they even called me back to ask if I found him. I was really glad they did, as this shows they look after their customers. If you are not me – a parent who rashes around and you are more organised to have your phone all the time with you. You can just call the tour guide directly from the app.


Anyways drama averted and our guide James found us, so our tour began. Our tour guide – James was an exceptional person. He is an Oxford graduate, loves his job, has passion for history and very patient. All these contributed to our tour being a true experience one would like to live through. He transported us right back to history, walking on the footsteps of Shakespeare and living through his life effaced busy London for us. And for those hours London was something out of movies, as we could imagine what it would be like back in time. Where Shakespeare lived, where he got married, where he himself acted out his play, where he went to church and the places he would spend most of the times writing up his timeless chef d’oeuvres. James explained everything in a beautiful English, accessible to kids that were with me and all at the same time keeping their focus on history. Even if the girls’ imagination would wonder to other things, he would take his time to explain it. The girls were really happy to know that such an academic is paying them full attention and satisfying each turn of their curious minds.

20160804_141827James took us to the hidden corners of tranquil (yes!) London. I did not even know these places exist and a peaceful environment there made our travel back to Shakespeare’s London even more realistic. After showing the temples that Shakespeare himself acted out his plays in front of all London’s elite, we started to pay attention to all little creatures around London. As our guide explained their meaning and now we knew what they stand for.



He explained us why The Mermaid Theatre, The Rose theatre and the Globe theatres are important. He showed us where all they were and told us the types of plays that would be acted out in them. He showed us where original Globe was, why it was there and the scope of how big it used to be. After seeing the place of original Globe and going back to see the Globe on the other side of the Millennium bridge, we agreed that the one built later is not as big as original one. He explained what those little creatures on the gates of the Globe stand for too. 20160804_150451

Being kids the girls were distracted by other historical monuments. James being a very patient person he answered all their questions about them. And kept introducing us to the new things we would otherwise pass. From now on my strolls through the streets of London won’t be the same thanks to the tour guide James. I will take every opportunity to stop and to cherish what is around us as this is a real source of positive energy. If you are a tired parent like me and feel like you need a boost of energy this is the best way of doing it. As London is full of mysterious places to be discovered and the knowledgeable guides like James from PlanetPass provide you with an unforgettable experience!


We had a brilliant day immersed in Shakespeare’s London, living through ups and downs of those days and feeling, seeing it ourselves. Thanks PlanetPass from me and the girls. We came back inspired, full of positive energy and can not wait for another tour like this, as there are many more provided by the same company. I truly recommend the PlanetPass private tours for all, be it a tourist, or a Londoner and you want to taste a quintessentially English experience.


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