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I have been sent Infruition bottles for a review. The timing was really good as I was looking at buying some. I was planning my fitness regime and I thought these would be a bonus. And was I right! This is an honest review after using the bottle for weeks.


The bottles came nicely packaged with a sweet note. Opening the carefully packed products you feel the joy. I always like when people put extra thought of making your day of it. I received Infruition sport and Infruition mini bottles – for me and my child. I thought I would give it to my seven year old, but my two year old toddler was quick to claim it hers. It is quite sturdy and survived many drops by me while running, by my toddler while having a tantrum and more.


So right away we washed them, packed with some fruits and off we went to a school run. I like the fact that it has a handy handle that you can easily sling over your buggy’s handle. My toddler likes carrying it around holding it through the looped holder too. This time rushing out the house I did not need to stress about packing extra snacks for her. As she likes to munch on something while she has to seat on the buggy. I simply told her finish your water and then you can have the fruits inside as a prize. She really liked the idea and kept holding onto  bottle to see when the water will finish 🙂 It was an achievement for me, as she usually demands juice and crisps and throws a huge tantrum when she hears she wouldn’t get them.

Now we take the bottles everywhere with us. Dashing it of the house in the morning for a school run and a 5K run afterwards, for our swimming lessons, visits to the parks and playgroups. During the weekends we keep them in the car. We take both bottles with us while out in London for family activities. Having a family means most of the time, one needs to pack a whole house. Nowadays we only take these bottles, an umbrella stroller and a change of clothes for the toddler. This is it! The bottles provide both water and snacks. Now kids know that they  can have the fruits inside as a snack while we wait for a proper meal. Yesterday we went to the Eltham Palace. We only took is our kids and these bottles. Looking around the house and doing the activities they drunk the water. Afterwards they had the fruits of the fruit compartment in a car as a snack without spoiling their appetite for a proper meal.14858599_10153782823937522_1411059639_o

Being a runner I love these bottles, as the fruits inside flavour the water and by the time you are done with your run, the fragrant deliciousness would be ready as a after run treat! I have tried so many  commercial “flavoured waters” and they are full of sugar. This goes against fitness plan. I would rather have my infruiton water and choose where I get my daily dose of sugar rather than being sugar dumped by producers. If you are a busy parent like me and do not get a chance to wash the bottle right away, it may get a little mouldy. As the bottle didn’t have any nooks and crannies it was easily washed with soapy water. And dishwasher got rid all of that, so the bottle is like new now, phew…Unlike other sports bottles these do not have a vile plastic taste and provide you with deliciously flavoured water. Just don’t forget to wash if you opt for sweeter types of fruits like I did for my toddler.


I really like these bottles. They are easily washable. You can chuck them in the dishwasher and fill them up in the morning with your favourite fruits. Each bottle comes with the code for a special recipe that you can claim online. I received a 4 week booklet through the code and it gives plenty of ideas  to help us to vary. I look forward receiving my weekly mails with shopping list and plenty of infruition water ideas from their resident nutritionist.


Infruition bottle is A must have for a city parent, who can dash off the house with the infruiton bottle, a child and a buggy only roaming around busy  streets of London!






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