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If you have kids and have several scooters cluttering up your entry way, which drives the minimalist in you up the wall -there is a solution – Scooterpeg.


I loath the view of a messy hallway, which apparently comes in package when your bundle of joy arrives. I like the Nordic style clean and breathable house. But the struggle is real! It is a daily battle to overcome the clutter and finding their right places. The buggy, the scooters blocked the entryway far too long. And when I was contacted by the founders of Scooterpeg” Danielle and Becca to review the product, I was really glad!

They have sent me two scooter pegs – a yellow and a green one. They arrived nicely packaged in a beautiful box and the peg was wrapped in  a tissue paper. The first thoughts on seeing these packaging and boxes, that these make a nice gift! The boxes and packaging are well thought and presentable. It is so difficult to find a present for people who have it all. But innovative products like Scooterpeg make an excellent present! And with Christmas looming upon us this is a great option!

Once you order a scooterpeg you do not need anything else! It comes with a little leaflet explaining how it works and the correct screws to drill them onto your wall. So we only needed to open the box which contained all of the needed bits and drill two holes on the designated wall. I thought a tiny porch is a place for the scooters. Once they are neatly hang up in there we can just grab and go. As opposed to storing them in the shed and not having enough time in the mornings to take them out. Mums know that every second is precious during the morning school run. This little tool gave our scooters a designated place meaning my mind is in peace and there is no trip hazard anymore. The scooters are now ready to go, peacefully waiting on their scooterpegs.

I have since put my adult scooter and my elder daughter’s scooter on the pegs. I thought it would not hold the adult one, as it is quite heavy. But so far so good, the scooters are snuggly held by the scooterpeg and it appears that they are quite sturdy too. I have waited long enough to write this review and since the day they went up no scooter fell of! This is a big plus for me.

I applaud Danielle and Becca for their genuinely helpful product for parents with scooter riding children. Making the scooters accessible and yet off the way is practical and aestetically more eye pleasing.Thus this product gets a thumbs up from me. If you are looking for one, go ahead and try one, I am sure you will be left like me – pleased! I wish there is a peg to put the my buggy up as well. May be another product for them to explore -HintHint-



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