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Is it this time of the year again? We always look forward to the festive pantomime of the year. This year – The Orchard Theatre Dartford presented “Aladdin”. When I saw that Marti Pellow will be starring, I knew we won’t be let down. We booked our tickets and started the count down.


The theatre seats were packed, no wonder given the cast, Ricky K, David Robbins to count a few. I was looking forward to the singing of Marti Pellow, who has achieved some of the UK’s biggest number one singles.

Straight from the beginning the show was full of magical moments. The kids were engulfed by jolly music, colourful characters of goodies and baddies. The nine year old, the four year old and the baby were all mesmerised. We didn’t feel two hours pass! The props were fantastic, one feels that a lot of money and creative thinking was put into the process of production. The jokes Ricky K, acting as Wishee Washee was throwing at audience, had us in stitches. The tongue twisters, they were saying with Marty Pellow, were long. We could not believe they could pronounce such long tongue twister sentences in one breath. We tried to say out couple of those, we could only get couple of words, let alone sentences.


The “Aladdin” panto was in my opinion very well staged. There were lots of connotations of it coming from famous “1001 nights”. The famous compilations of tales created in Asia and travelled through the Great Silk road. Thus it hit home for us. We were really glad to understand and recognise the costumes, the storyline. I was proud to say to my children, that “1001 nights” consisted of more than 260 tales. It is more than “Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Lord of the Rings” and Harry Potter books combined! There is a fascinating fact for my bookworms! The costumes the dances ranged from China, Russia, Egypt and more. This was one of the best family time spent together. Ricky K’s humour, David Robbins’ colourful costumes and wigs were a highlight of the show too. We enjoyed singing together, recognizing the top hits and dancing together. We were belly laughing to the jokes and adults enjoyed the subtler ones. The show included the audience from start to finish, so there was plenty a chance to participate. The 3D effects were a great bonus in the second part of the show and made the trip on a flying carpet realistic. This was one of the best family time spent together.

“Aladdin” gets all of the five starts from us!



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It’s past 2 a.m. I am awake because I am watching my baby. My three months old baby has a cold. It gives me anxiety that she might not be able to breathe. So here I am drifting in and out of sleep every twenty minutes . At the same time I am goinf into my two elder children’s room, as they are coughing too. Am I thinking of myself? No. I get comfort in knowing they are all fine, despite having touch of cold.


I came into the bathroom. I see tbe squashed tooth paste tubes and their colourful character toothbrushes. It’s amazing how different they are snd they like totally dissimilar things. I find it cute, a warm feeling takes over mt heart. MY children chose and used these. Prior to having kids my bathroom may have been spotless and full of luxury skincare, I think to myself, but now it is an area of happy memory making. The splashing, bubbly baths, the steamy dreamy venue for their snuffle noses- to count a few. Ah yes, I make a mental note, I need to change that soaking bath mat and give the bathroom a good sctib before another splishy splashy bath galore.


The best thing about having little people at HOME? It is them who make a house a home. Their cuddles are filled with snots, dirty hands, sticky faces (did they find the sweet stash?). But these are tge best cuddles in the world. Priceless. As you hug each and every one of them, you feel their love, joy, energy for life. This alone gives you purpose of life, recharges your batteries. I look forward to cuddles, I can’t wait for those little arms spread and running towards me for a hug. A hug cures all at their tender age. I don’t know when us adults, we forget about the magical qualities of a HUG.


You notice how these children are growing. They start to have big emotions. At times it is quite difficult to handle them. I try to control mtself, try to be patient to help them to get the knowledge of their own emotions. So they know tgat it us normal to be angry, frustrated, dissapointed, happy, joyful, proud, let down and more. It us all part of growing up. The fpur year old became argumentative for a reason. She started to face more of those at school, she is finding it hard to control them. Us parents come to rescue, to listen to their little worries, to encourage them while trying to ignore the banging headache you got from a sleepless night. The nine year old started to change a lot, you see the glimpse of an adultshe us becoming. You try to gang on to that childhood worries she came to you with, comforting her. This comforts you too, for now she needs you. As much as your three months old baby. Oh sge woke up for a feed. Ah the joys of breastfeeding. Love you all my children. And when the eldest asked me, if I would do it again, giving up my glitzy career for them, yes, sweetheart in a heartbeet!

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