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Somewhere between long grass and flowers there is a magical Little Kingdom. The chirping birds and fluttering butterflies only, know that- it is a magical kingdom. A kingdom where a fairy princess Holly and her friend Ben- the elf live.

Every little child who have seen this cartoons are mesmerised by their magical adventures. So, today I had a chance to take my four year old and five months old to the live show.

The theatre was buzzing. By the time we arrived there, most of the parents perused the gift shop- to kit out their little fairies or elves. My lot had to have the spinning light wheel. We have made our way to our places, thanks to the staff who were pointing to our seats, it was easy to find. The audience young and not so young was very excited. The show has started and everybody was sucked right into it.

It is fun, full of surprises, lots of magic, singing and dancing. Numerous jokes, games and dances were with audience participation too. We have not seen how the time went and the first part ended.

We made our way to baby change, which was clean and comfy for both mother and child. Right when we were done, the bells were ringing for the second act.

The second part was even more exciting. As the kids got to see a tooth fairy, a magical kingdom’s birthday party preparations and more.

The kids were singing the songs in the car all the way home. I will be using the last song to prevent a tantrum. That good a tool, I gained today. Talk about winning at parenting, bringing the children to their favourite show and gaining a tool to save ourselves from some toddler drama!

All in all, both kids and I enjoyed the show. I think the length of the acts are perfect for young theatre goers. And it is full of interesting twists to keep them in their seats! It gets five stars from us!


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