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I checked the weather and it is staying this gorgeous over the weekend as well. So I have proposed to my husband why not to take advantage of this gorgeous weather and go to the seaside. It may well be the last chance of us bathing in the sea this year (well in UK). So we decided to go on a day trip to the sea side.

Options are countless. But being a family we would like to take the best that is on offer. I have checked redspottedhanky (as it does not charge for the debit card) first. Than to make sure I get the best fares I checked thetrainline (beware they charge, but it is good to compare). I found out what train company the redspottedhanky was offering the best deal (£23.45 for 3 of us a return ticket to Brighton) and it was the Southern. In the spirit of checking it all I went to the Southern‘s webiste and found an offpeak day return ticket for 3 of us for £22.50. Bear in mind we do have a family and friendsrail card. (And it always saves us 1/3 of a ticket price. We even use it to buy Zone1-4 day card for London and it pays itself off within first month alone. Sometimes a little investment of ths sort pays off in the longer run.) And of course I went through Quidco. A cashback site I always use and I got so much in cash back within last two years of using it, I can not believe people who do not use it. So I will get 6% of my ticket price back, i.e. £1.35 not much but these type of little things add up and by the year of the year you get at least £350 back from all your shopping and switching (energy, phone etc).

So happy now and I hope the Great British weather will stay this good and warm so we can enjoy a day of sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Yippee. Now off to prepare for our trip 🙂 I just thought I would share this with the rest of you, so you could enjoy the weather 🙂


All the links are clickable. And NO, nobody is paying me, I am just sharing the research I have done so you do not need to spend much time and just continue enjoying the sun 🙂

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