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Being of a financial background myself, I am often surprised how little people are aware of their consumer rights. Sometimes they do not claim what they have rights for, other times they claim what they are not supposed to. In order not to feel foolish, just come to my courses. I am organising next ones with the local authorities, so it may be free of charge.

In both cases the interaction between the buyer and  the shop assisstant is not pleasant. As not being fully aware of your rights brings confusion and deception. In my experience, the cosumer has to learn HOW TO STAY CALM. Because a shouting consumer is not an easy person to deal with and most of the time you would not get the outcome you were expecting. Unfortunately I had been in this kind of situation, when I went clothes shopping for my tot together with another fellow mom. I was actually ashamed to stay there next to a person who is not being “a respected member of society”. Luckily the shop assisstant was calm enough and did what she wanted. But I could not go back to the same shop for ages, thinking they might be pointing at me saying “look there is the lady, who’s friend was shouting”.

Another day, buying my jeans, I had to wait quite a long time, as a lady in front of me wanted to return a T-shirt. She was saying that she only bought it a week ago, washed and wore once after which it had a hole in it. She was upset to buy a T from a well known brand, to pay a lot for the supposed quality and not to get a reasonable wear. The shop assistant kept saying he can’t help and they were both stuck in an argument. I had to jump in, as I could not help and overhear the whole conversation. I suggested the old lady to go to her bank and bring a bank statement where it shows the transaction with the shop. Than she has a legal right to return or exchange an item. The shop assisstant was not aware of this, but we called a store manager who after several calls agreed this is the best they can do. It is pity that it took so long due to the shop staff being short of this knowledge too. As many customers who were going to buy just left the shop as they could not wait long.

I came across a very good article  about consumer rights (the link is clickable) today and thought I would share it here. So that in future we know what we are entitled to and in which circumstances.

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