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Have you got a fussy eater. then these ideas will help you to get your children to eat their healthy 5 a day.


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Have you ever feeling of finding some nice and cute places to eat out or just have an afternoon tea? Me personally, I do  not like to keep the big chains’ pockets full. Thus Iam always on a lookout for something cute, family owned and interesting. After much speculation, we finally made it to the Petersham nurseries after the “Teddy Bears’ picnic” in Richmond Park’s Petersham gate playground.

And what a great decision it was! Even if it was raining as soon as you turn into this little place you feel yourself in another world, MAGIC WORLD. Where the rain seems a blessing and every drop of it creates a beauty on the flowers and fruit trees. We had a good look around with my little girl and decided to have our dessert in there after our picnic in the park. The Petersham nursery’s cafe has a WASTE choice of cakes and things to eat, no matter if you only feel peckish or want to have a full three course meal. My tot made her choice immediately (the most chocolaty cake slice ever), after unsuccessfully trying to persuade her to get something else I gave in. As I did not want to waste any time and just enjoy my tea surrounded by this WORLD which is NATURALLY BEAUTIFULL. At the end of the day I can let her run till home to get rid of the sugar rush.

After indulging in our afternoon delights, we had to check the facilities. And being a mum, having a good changing room is THE POINT where I take a decision whether I will be coming back or not. And to my astonishment the baby changing facilities made me let “un petit soupir”. It continued the whole theme of the Petersham nurseries. It had pcitures, a nice french bistro style table and every attention to detail, makes us parents happy spending time there doing not so pleasant at times chores (ie changing nappies).

After all the sweets and a tea and recharged we continued to enjoy our surroundings. The rain has slowed down and it was just a pleasant light drizzle that almost caresses the face. We watched the rain drops fall, how they make little jewels on the flowers and how the rain changes the look of everything. Ah, I love to breath the rain air and especially when it is full of a fresh smell of roses, lilys, lavanders in bloom. It makes one’s being so light and fresh that you feel you will be flying not walking.

After all that chocolate cake I had to keep my tot busy. So she won’t be very cranky after too much sugar. So we on we WENT ON A BERRY HUNT! As on our way back there were lots of bushes of blackberries, raspberries and Alpine rose berries. That surely wore her out. As after collecting two glasses full and finishing one, she fell asleep in her buggy (finally).

The rain did not seem like to bother the cows at all. I ever so wonder if it is these cows only or all the cows in general are so calm and not caring of “minor” discomforts? And when I am on a topic, do these Petersham meadow’s cows belong to somebody or do they belong to the Richmond Council?

Little I knew, that because of the rain the roads have become slippery. And pushing a buggy up the hill to the Richmond bridge with a sleeping three year old in it with 4 teddies and a picnic was A MILITARY TASK. As I kept sliding back (I was just wearing my joggingshoes) and I was worried to slip and fall to the river. And there was nobody around to ask for a help. But I finally made it on top and I was soon crossing the Richmond bridge to our belowed St Margarets.

Can you see my home? 🙂



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An oat porridge

My tot loves porridge, how lucky am I? So I cook it not only for breakfast, but for when she feels peckish too. Before throwing stones to my direction, if you know how to cook it, just escape this receipt. Loads of friends asked me a how to step by step to this nation’s favourite breakfast meal.

So here we go.


1 cup oats

1 cup milk

1 cup  water

2 spoons brown sugar

Let your child put them in a microwable dish and let him/ her give it a good stir.

Then put it in a microwave power 800 watts for 4 minutes UNCOVERED.

Once the time ends. Take it out of the microwave stir again and plate it. Let it cool on a plate. As it will keep cooking due to the nature of the microwaves. Once it starts to cool down, serve it with your favourite fruits. My tot chose nectarines today.

Bon appetit! 🙂


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