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Claxon! A splashing new show of “Peppa Pig’s adventure” is out and started this past Friday at Dartford’s Orchard Theatre. We were lucky to be one of the first ones to see the Peppa’s new adventures on stage. From the moment we walked into the theatre, we could see lots of excited children, who were looking forward to meeting their favourite cartoon characters.  They were all bouncing, demanding Peppa Pig and her friends right away. This has set a fantastic energy, which could be felt throughout the show too.

peppa pig.jpg2

From the moment the show has started, it was full of surprises, keeping the attention of young children and toddlers on stage the whole time! Director Richard Lewis knew that at 3+ they have a short attention span. They introduced something new and exciting every few seconds, thus keeping the young audience enthralled. Peppa’s and her friends’ voices were so alike with animation movie, this gave an impression to children that, they actually came to life.

In this new adventure they all decide to go on a camping trip, so Daddy Pig, Madame Gazelle, Gerald giraffe, George, Daisy, Pedro Pony, Suzy sheep came along. When they were getting sick and bored in the car they had a great new song to sing. During the whole of the show, the audience is invited to participate in singing, dancing; games and we could actually feel water from the time they were splashing in the muddy puddles. All this interaction and participation in the show kept the children mesmerised and when there was a ten minutes break, they could hardly wait for the show to start again.  Once the camp is set and it darkened, there was a treat in store for the campers. Peppa and her friends could listen and see some nocturnal animals and creatures. The appearance of these quite impressed the youngsters. The show features music from BAFTA award-winning composer Mani Svavarsson. The show has around seven songs, some of them are classic and others are easy to join in. Not only the young audience, but the parents were quite glad to join in singing, dancing and playing the games with Peppa Pig and her friends.

peppa pig

I and my three-year-old didn’t feel the one and a half hour go by, we have enjoyed every second of it. Particularly, it made me happy to see my child this happy. The whole time she was squealing with joy, dancing, singing and was entranced by the show. The magical spirit that brought “Peppa pig’s adventure” to life was felt by every single spectator! Is there any other feeling for a parent, then seeing your child this happy?! We would give this brand new show five out five stars! We would go back and watch it again, as we loved it a lot!

A must watch show for every Peppa Pig fans out there!

The show will continue all over the UK and the details can be found here www.peppapiglive.com


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It will be warmer tomorrow and on Sunday too. So why not to get down the beach for under £20? Check my blog for more details 🙂

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Does your child rave about pirates, boats and arks? This is a place to be today. It is totally free. Just pop in by noon when the activities start and there will be a music session at the end of it.

When: today the 27th August 2012 at noon

Where: The giant Ark in front of the National Theatre


Suddenly, a huge sea-faring vessel is built in the Square outside the National Theatre made from recycled scenery, riverside-finds and salvaged materials. Once assembled, this strange Ark-ive invites you, two by two, to bring objects, drawings, photographs and stories of animals that you have had some kind of interaction with.

Memories of a beloved pet or a friendly stray, an open encounter in the wild or a caged encounter in a zoo, an animal which worked for you or helped you in a crisis, or perhaps an animal that was your dinner last night. Over the week it becomes a massive depository for man’s complex relationship with the animal world – until the flood arrives…

There’s music at the end of each day and various events will pop up randomly throughout the week – including the National Youth Theatre providing ‘the flood’  – until Home Live Art bring the week to a conclusion with a Village Fete to celebrate the Ark hitting ‘dry land’.

WildWorks recently produced BABEL as part of World Stages London May 2012, and Passion with the National Theatre of Wales in Port Talbot in April 2011.

More info about it

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